Stage 2 Registration

The Stage 2 audit is a complete evaluation of your company’s Quality Management System including those areas reviewed during the Stage 1 assessment. The focus is on ensuring that policies and procedures are effectively implemented and your Quality Management System is suitable and effective in supporting your company’s quality policy and objectives.

During the audit, daily meetings will be held between the audit team and your management team to discuss audit progress and any concerns that may have arisen.


To complete the certification process:


  • The audit team will gather sufficient objective evidence to support a conclusion that your Quality Management System has been documented and effectively implemented in accordance with the ISO standard.
  • The audit team will access appropriate quality records providing evidence of the effectiveness of your program.
  • The audit team will inspect facilities and interview personnel verifying that your Quality Management System has been implemented and is being maintained.
  • The audit team will document any nonconformances and discuss resolution with members of your management team.

Upon completion of the audit, a closing meeting will be held with management reviewing any findings and explaining actions needed to successfully complete the certification. At the end of this meeting you will receive a copy of the auditor’s recommendations.

Upon review of the lead auditors recommendations and resolution of any required corrective actions, AMTec’s certification committee will authorize issuance of a certificate of registration.