ISO registration is a partnership between your company and your Registrar. You have the right to transfer your registration to a new registrar at any time during a certification cycle. If you’re dissatisfied with any aspect of your current partnership, contact AMTec. There is no added cost involved in a registration transfer and the process is simple. You must be currently certified and in good standing with an accredited registrar. Generally, the steps involved in a transfer include:

  1.  Call AMTec, send us an email, or submit a quote request.
  2.  We will contact you to introduce ourselves and verify information about your company. We will then forward a quote along with copies of our standard Registration Agreement for your review.
  3.  If you decide to join AMTec, we will ask you to submit the following:
 A signed copy of our Registration Agreement
 A copy of your current Certificate of Registration
 Copies of recent Audit Reports from your current registrar
 Evidence that any nonconformities from your most recent audit have been addressed and closed
 Confirmation that there are no significant customer complaints pending
  4.  Upon review and approval of submitted documentation, AMTec will issue you a new Certificate of Registration. If any documentation is unavailable, incomplete, or AMTec is unable to verify your current certification status, a site visit can be arranged to complete the transfer process.
  5.  AMTec will then plan and schedule your next audit picking up at the same point you were at in your current certification cycle.